Corrugated kraft paperCorrugated kraft paper

Now the use of corrugated paper is very high, the market is better sales, do not know whether you need is the surface of corrugated kraft paper or pure kraft paper, the following is the corrugated manufacturing technology.

Simple point is a corrugated paper to form a corrugated paper machine to a face paper, paper, core paper and the formation of corrugated corrugated paper glue machine, to complete the corrugated board manufacturing process. Manufacturing corrugated boxes and corrugated paper equipment to complete the ingredients, cutting, printing, stitching, cutting, slotting and forming process. The whole stand-alone assembly line equipment, process links, product quality is not good control, high consumption.

The other is a single-sided corrugated machine, the first to produce a single corrugated cardboard, and then through a single glue truck for processing, manufacturing into a different structure and corrugated board.

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